Tha-an, a simple yet all-encompassing word rooted in the act of eating and sharing, is the name of a charity created by a group of Thai chefs and others who love arts and culture. The charity was created in the spirit of the members putting their passion and skills to task by giving back to society.

This January 24th, the chefs will gather to raise money for flood victims in Southern Thailand at Charoenkrung’s 80/20. Divided into two parts, the event will consist of a 4,000 THB course meal prepared by rising chefs, including household names Prin Polsuk from Nahm and 80/20 in-house chefs Andrew Martin and Napol Jantraget. The menu will offer Thai-inspired dishes, such as kua-gling pork jowl, southern dried chicken curry and clams, and spicy tamarind gel.

The other part – art – will be an exhibition at Most Gallery on Charoenkrung on view from January 24-28, 2017. With no particular theme, the exhibition is open to all aspiring artists and art enthusiasts to sell their artworks and also contribute to the fundraising. Expect full festivities, including libation and a live band at the event.

If you are an artist and interested in joining the exhibition, send the following details to

  1. Photo of the artwork
  2. Full name of the artist
  3. Name of the artwork (any medium is acceptable)
  4. Size and dimensions of the artwork including the frame (if there is no frame, send the work to 80/20 before 20 January for a framing appointment)
  5. Price of the artwork with the cost of the artwork, and how much of the proceeds you would want to donate
  6. Logo, if it’s a company artwork.

Current list of artists on display:

  • Luke Satoru (Tattoo artist: Black Pig Tattoo)
  • ATTA Gallery (Jewelry Design)
  • MOST Gallery (Gallery Space)
  • Wide & Narrow (Design Co.)
  • Tom Potisit (Fashion Photographer)
  • Saran Yenpanya (56th Studio)
  • O Terawat (Illustrator)

For more information, visit

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