Riedel Wine Bar boasts a selection of over 200 labels and a curation process that scouts rarity, as well as variety, with an emphasis on the artisanal and authetic. The wine bar has joined hands with the world's finest winemakers—many of whom have dedicated their craft to environmentally-conscious causes—to raise the standards of Bangkok's wine scene with wines that are not just popular with connoisseurs but those that are organic, biodynamic and sustainable in their production, good for the earth.

Of the 200 labels in inventory, 40 are available "on tap" via WineEmotion, a state-of-the-art wine dispensing and preservation system that is designed to protect precious aromas and prevent oxidization. Therefore, at just the push of a button, wines can be enjoyed and in three different portions: tasting, half-glass and full-glass. Your glass would be poured to perfection, every time.  

Visit riedelwinebarbkk.com for more information on the restaurant's offerings. 

Riedel Wine Bar, 2nd Floor, Gaysorn Village, 999 Phloen Chit Road; 66(2) 656 1133