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Gin and tonic, a drink so simple yet so enjoyable, takes centre stage at Toro Bangkok next weekend on the night of World Gin Day, which falls on June 9 this year. 72 Courtyard's Barcelonian tapas bar is offering you the chance to put your own spins on the classic cocktail in a Build-Your-Own G&T special event, because while the name gin and tonic mentions only two ingredients, three are indeed needed to make a truly complete G&T: gin, tonic and garnish. You will also be able to choose from Toro's varieties of the ingredients to create a G&T the world has perhaps yet to taste—who knows?


Toro Bangkok

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Toro Bangkok

Rather sit back and have G&T's made for you by professionals? Don't worry. Resident G&T specialist (and general specialist in mixing drinks) Nawin Pimonrat will be there to serve you Toro's signature gin and tonics, as well as any other signature Toro cocktail at the bar all night long. 

To participate in Toro Bangkok's G&T Night on June 9, entry is 1,200 baht per person for 3 G&T's.

Toro Bangkok is open from 6pm-2am. Call 0-2392-7790 or email to make reservations. 

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