Bangkok has two different personalities in the day and at night, so we explore the city's finer nocturnal personal at Waldorf Astoria's sky-high cocktail bar, The Loft, with Nondh Amranand, a cosmopolitan spirit that knows exactly how to go from day to night in style. After a long day of work as a golf coach, the former soap star goes up to the 56th level of the hotel to unwind. He has a brief conversation with Michele Montauti, the bar manager there, who makes him a seasonal special inspired from recipes in Waldorf Astoria’s bar book and Italian Christmas bread. We asked Nondh what he looks for in a good cocktail lounge and he answers simply: good cocktails and a good bartender.

For those looking for a place to see fireworks this New Year's, The Loft's 360-degree glass window provides unobstructed views to the extravaganza like nowhere else. 

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