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Highlighting the freshest meats, veggies and fruits, plus plenty of olive oil, Mediterranean, similar to Thai, is a refreshing cuisine that you can just keep dining on with ease from the onset of evening to much later on. Great with wines and refreshing cocktails, Mediterranean food is also great for gatherings. For your next special catch-up with friends or even that significant friend, here are five of the finest restaurants in this city serving Mediterranean cuisine.

1. Sirocco


For most, Sirocco is the ultimate luxurious rooftop dining experience to book for a very extra special occasion. Read full review here.

2. Pesca Mar & Terra

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Offering the freshest organic ingredients from both sea and land, Pesca transports you to the coast with its hearty Mediterranean creations. Read full review here.

3. About Eatery


About Eatery’s warm interiors, open kitchen and attractive bar creates a welcoming introduction to its enticing Mediterranean menu. Read full review here.

4. Quince


A trendy spot of hip Thais and expats, Quince is where you can enjoy flavourful seasonal dishes, fine wine and memorable cocktails. Read full review here.

5. Via Maris

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This charming bistro offers a wide choice of refreshing mediterranean dishes in a cosy atmosphere. Read full review here.

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