Sushi is always such a refreshing reward after a hard day's or days' work, so it's no wonder a city like Bangkok can't get enough of it. On top of that, Japanese cuisine has so many other guilty pleasures to offer, from teppanyaki to kushiage. For some of the best Japanese, complete with aesthetic settings, that money can buy, here are the 13 Japanese restaurants in Bangkok that made our restaurant guide this year:

1. Sushi Zo


The highest scoring Japanese restaurant on our list (92/100), Sushi Zo is an omakase sushi bar at Athenee Tower that serves 10-12 diners at a time and only two sittings an evening. Read full review here or book instantly with Chope here

2. Yamazato


Yamazato is known for its exquisite and authentic Japanese kaiseki meal, served with the views of Bangkok from the 24th floor of the Okura Prestige. Read full review here. 

3. Ginza Sushi Ichi

ginzi sushi ichi.jpg

Another one with small and intimate settings, this sushi bar is well-regarded by Bangkok's serious connoisseur, scoring a high 90/100 in our guide. Read full review here or book instantly with Chope here

4. Morimoto


For those who like Japanese with an international flair, Morimoto Bangkok highlights dishes such as himachi tacos, oyster foie gras with Hiroshim oysters and the "buri bop" (donburi-bibimbop). Read full review here or book instantly with Chope here

5. Sushi Ichizu

sushi ichizu.jpg

Beautifully minimal and spacious, Sushi Ichizu is where chef Riku Toda creates wonderful omakase creations with ingredients straight from Tsukiji. Read full review here. 

6. Umenohana


With a focus on crab and fresh tofu, Umenohana is a memorable Japanese experience, down to the service. Read full review here or book instantly with Chope here

7. Ten-Sui

ten sui.jpg

For an immersive Japanese atmosphere, Ten-Sui capitalises on an interior of tradition Japanese bamboo, a beautiful zen garden and servers dressed in kimono. Read full review here. 

8. Jua


This modern izakaya tucked away at the end of cool Charoenkrung Soi 28 serves impressive seasonal creations like the durian prawn and uni pasta. Read full review here. 

9. Sushi Cyu


A modern take on omakase diners, Sushi Cyu at CentralWorld serves quality sushi, as well as other Japanese a la carte dishes, at friendly prices. Read full review here or book instantly with Chope here

10. Kisso


Beloved Japanse classics such as sushi set, bento and wagyu meets a luxurious Western atmosphere at Kisso. Read full review here or book instantly with Chope here

11. Sushi Niwa


Bangkok's modern hiso crowd loves the white granite interiors here and the digital countertop that changes from gently moving sakura to swimming koi fish. Read full review here. 

12. Umi


Seating a maximum of 14 diners at a time, Umi is another popular premium omakase sushi bar in the Sukhumvit area. Read full review here. 

13. Mugendai Penthouse


Occupying the top of The EmQuartier's Helix building, Mugendai Penthouse is a modern Japanese restaurant with views that young Thai-sos really love. Read full review here.

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