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With the launch of Thailand Tatler’s Best Restaurant Guide 2017, we decided to bring along the stylish owner of luxury vintage boutique Treasures, Vinita Tejapaibul, for an afternoon of catching up. Vinita’s no stranger to the party circuit and we’ve chosen her as our honourary brunch guest for the infectious ways she can work the room and memorable conversations we’ve passed with her.

“My idea of fun is trying new things that remind me of stories, passion, and people. It’s the act of sharing that excites me. Like when you’re sharing a meal with your friends and loved ones, that’s what makes a meal a little extra special”, Vinita explained during our phone call.

To make things more exciting, we asked Vinita and her friends to join us on the Campo Viejo trail to Spanish restaurant Uno Mas for a taste of tapas and Spanish wine. Chef Joan Tanya Dot treated the party to his specialty, the Cochinillo, a plate of roasted suckling pig so tender, one can cut through with just a plate. The dish came paired with a glass of Campo Viejo Reserva – hailed from the Rioja winemaking region in northern Spain. A welcomed balance of fruit-driven red wine that has been aged 18 months in American and French-oak casks and rounded off with another 18 months in the bottle cellar.

As things get a little more boozy towards the end of the afternoon, Vinita muses on her favourite moment and learning new phrases like “A mal tiempo, buena cara” and “camarero, uno más”.

"Because at the end of the day, the details are what make the stories better; the taste, the feeling–it’s all a part of life,” she says.

Embark on your own festive #winemoment on the Campo Viejo trail.

Uno Mas, Centara Grand, Central World, 999/99 Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330; tel: 0-2100-6255;

Uno Mas featured in this article is one of the many top-rated establishments listed on our Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants Guide 2017. For the best fine dining Thailand has to offer, pick up your copy now at Asia Books and Kinokuniya.

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