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Escape Hotels has collaborated with Dandelion Cafe—Thonglor’s popular hidden venue, known for incredible sweet treats created by a former Grand Hyatt Erawan pastry chef—to curate a tantalising set of sugary delights. Not only are the desserts delicious, they also come so intricately designed they’re almost too photogenic to eat. Expect themes inspired by breathtaking mountains and mystic mermaids undersea, reflecting the unique characteristics of Escape Khao Yai and Escape Hua Hin. Have sneak peak at the desserts in store here: 

Snow White Apple Crumble

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For a series of magical curations, at least one of the desserts has to have a fairytale reference. Based off of the classic Snow White And The Seven Dwarves, the dessert gives you an apple, boiled with a special brown sugar syrup and cinnamon for hours to achieve a delightful, sweet result. Surrounding the delectable fruit is a mystical forest of crumble and vanilla ice cream. 

Toasted Dark Raspberry S’more

Escape_Toasted Dark Raspberry S’more02.jpg

A blend of homemade biscuits and rich dark chocolate ganache, this dessert reeks camping-in-the-forest vibes with sweet and lushious twist. Accented with raspberry sauce, the toasted marshmello is also caramelised and served with mushroom-shaped biscuits and pomegranate seed garnish for added effect.

Seashell Macaron with Sea Jelly

Escape-Seashell Macaron.jpg

Glittery and dreamy, expect seashell-shaped macarons filled with thick cream cheese. Sweet and sugary with a hint of savoury, the magical delights are hand-painted and complemented by a fresh passion fruit sauce. For a final touch, there’s a sapphire coloured cream soda sea jelly that really transports you back to childhood fantasies of mermaids and mythical creatures undersea.

You can order these special sweet treats at Escape Hua Hin and Escape Khao Yai from today until January 13 next year. Book your getaway now by visiting or by calling 0-9282-32590.

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