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No doubt omakase has taken Bangkok's dining scene by storm in just the last few years. During an omakase course, diners are delighted by the chef’s selection of the freshest ingredients of the season, served in a very specific pace. The term ‘omakase’ derives from the Japanese verb ‘makaseru’ which translates as ‘to entrust’. Hence, omakase can be translated as trusting the chef’s opinion and leaving the decision in their hands.

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Erring on the pricier side, omakase courses are typically a luxurious occasion—one that you probably won't be having too often. If that isn't an ideal scenario for you, then here's some good news: Sushi Cyu. After the success of the restaurant at the All Seasons Place and Sushi Cyu & Carnival Yakiniku at EI8HT Thonglor, Sushi Cyu at Central World is now offering premium omakase at a more affordable price. 

With airy, modern interior, the restaurant is separated into the omakase bar and a dining area for those who prefer a la carte Japanese cuisine. Using fresh ingredients imported straight from Japan three times a week, the premium bites presented by chefs any given night will change according to the seasons and the freshest catch of the day. Sushi Cyu is the solution for those who crave the refined taste of high quality Japanese sushi, as well as those who have yet to experience the wonder of omakase but would like to without committing to the higher price range. 

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Omakase at Sushi Cyu starts at 1,500++ baht for an eight-course set, rising up to 1,850++ baht and 2,500++ baht for 10- and 13-courses, respectively. Visit sushicyu.com for more information and reservations.