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“You know that feeling at the end of a long Friday?” begins Virunpatch Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya, or Prare. “You’re knackered after putting in a shift all week and you just want to go out and treat yourself to a good meal—perhaps at a laidback rooftop bar—with some friends. But no matter how much you and your mates rack your brains for an answer, nowhere enticing comes to mind. You run through the list of usual haunts but nowhere appeals. You’ve visited them one time too many or just don’t feel up to compliance with their formalities. So where do you go?”  

Her solution to a predicament we can all probably relate to was to open her own hangout spot where guests can dress casually and truly kick it back with their besties. Ńowhere—alternatively read as ‘now here’—is a new rooftop restaurant and bar in Ekamai telling Bangkok’s jaded souls, “you ain’t going nowhere--you are now here.”

Designed by Stu/D/O, Nowhere’s interior offers a dreamy, surreal experience. An airy space is filled with riddle staircases ascending upwards and outwards to imaginary dimensions. But just as Louis Henry Sullivan, the father of the skyscraper, once said “form (ever) follows function”, the stairs aren’t merely decorative but serve as tables, chairs, shelves and even as part of the bar.


Photo by Add Wimolrungkarat

Nowhere’s menu boasts a selection of toothsome Eurasian dishes and great food-drink pairing suggestions. Leading the culinary team is Chef Joke (Chayanin Rungthong), former chef de cuisine at Molina Wine & Cuisine in Hua Hin and ex-head chef of Peppina Restaurant, Chonburi.

Try some of the following recommended dishes with a complementary cocktail:

Watermelon Salad with Katsuobushi & Where Are You Tonight

F2. Watermelon Salad.jpg

A twist on the traditional pla haeng tang mo recipe, katsuobushi flakes are used in place of dried fish, which is complemented by goat cheese for a pleasing sweet and savoury palette. The refreshing flavours are heightened with a Nowhere signature drink called Where Are You Tonight, a mellow and sweet cocktail with a light hint of coffee from the Amaretto and watermelon syrup to match tones with the salad. Sumac powder sprinkled on both the salad and the cocktail adds a finishing harmony between the dish and drink.  

Shrimp and Chorizo Pasta & Julep of Nowhere

F3. Shrimp _ Chorizo Pasta.jpg

A tasty exhibition of spice and paste, the linguine is cooked to al dente perfection and met with shrimp and chorizo flavoured with garlic and green chilli. Recommended with this spicy dish is the Julep of Nowhere fat-washed bourbon. Fizzy and refreshing, the bourbon is chorizo fat-washed to further enhance the taste of chorizo in the pasta.

Salmon Cajun & Mediterranean Sangria

F6. Salmon Cajun.jpg

Seared Scottish salmon is made less predictable with Cajun spices, a topping of avocados and pineapple salsa and a side of crispy tortillas. This oceanic dish is best paired with the Mediterranean Sangria, which uses a white wine base instead of the usual red. 

Mess of Nowhere & Apple Crisp 

DS1. Apple Crisp 2.jpg

Two recommended desserts to finish off your Ńowhere experience are the Mess of Nowhere, a re-interpretation of the Eton Mess, and the Apple Crisp, an apple crumble crafted from a whole apple and served with homemade salted-caramel ice cream—a perfect treat for fall flavour-lovers.

Nowhere, 6th Floor, Tha City Loft Hotel, Ekamai Soi 6

Open Mon-Fri 5pm-midnight, Sat-Sun 11am-midnight


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