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Sri Panwa resort’s upscale Japanese restaurant Baba Iki is known mainly for three things: some of the world’s finest ingredients, front-row views of the Andaman Sea and Michelin-worthy omakase events. Previously, world-renowned chefs from award-winning restaurants throughout the globe have hosted these omakase pop-ups, allowing foodies with finer tastes to experience the creme-de-la-creme of Japanese fine dining without the difficult reservations and long waiting lists. 

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Following the popularity and success of Baba Iki's omakase pop-ups, the restaurant has finally decided to have its own signature omakase course, created and served in-house permanently. Expect the freshest and most premium seafood selections, including maguro, shima-aji, madai and kimmedai, all imported daily from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market and assembled expertly by Baba Iki's highly experienced chefs. 









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Experience the signature omakase course at Baba Iki, Sri Panwa Phuket for either lunch or dinner at 5,000++ baht. Reservations must be made at least one day in advance. For more information or to book your seats, call 07-637-1000 or email chill@sripanwa.com.

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