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Chinese food culture dinner menu by guest chef Guangfan Mai

Chinese cuisine connoisseurs—you’re in for a tasty treat at the Mandarin Oriental, as chef Guangfan Mai, a master of Cantonese flavours, takes over The China House kitchen from June 26-30.

Your taste buds will tingle with sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty as you allow chef Mai to take you on a journey of the senses from China’s southernmost tip all the way to the northeastern point. Learn all about the rich international Chinese food culture while enjoying dishes such as the Lemon and lemongrass sherbet, Yunnan black truffle gel with Lijian supreme caviar, Mai's signture of 15-head South African suger heart dry Abalone with white asparagus and a special supreme Thailand famous white cubilose with hand-made Guangxi top brown sugar—all and more included in the special eight-course dinner the culinary master is set to prepare for passionate foodies.

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Chef Guangfan Mai

If that’s not enough to get your cravings turning, The China House is also hosting an “East Meets West Collaboration Dinner”, which will feature the culinary talents of chef Mai and chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier of Normandie, this year's Thailand Tatler's Best Restaurant. The two critically acclaimed chefs will work together to produce a “Four Hands Dinner” for one night only on June 30.

Dishes from chef Mai's exclusive Chinese food culture dinner menu at the Mandarin Oriental:

4_Yunnan Black Truffle Gel with Lijiang Supreme Caviar Menu_Chef Mai.JPG

Yunnan black truffle and Lijiang supreme caviar

5_Clear Chicken Soup Stew Changbai Mountain Matsutake Menu_Chef Mai.JPG

Clear chicken soup stew, changbai mountain matsutake

3_Lemon and Lemongrass Sherbet Menu_Chef Mai copy.jpg

Lemon and lemongrass sherbert

6_Prince's Signature Menu_Chef Mai copy.jpg

"Prince's Signature":Authentic 15-head South African sugar heart dry Abalone with white asparagus

8_Pached Tianjin Cabbage with Yunnan ham in Supreme Soup Menu_Chef Mai.JPG

Poached Tianjin cabbage with Yunnan ham in supreme soup

7_Steamed River Prawn in 20 Year Sieow Shing Rice Wine with Steamed Egg Menu_Chef Mai.JPG

Steamed river prawn in 20-year sieow shing rice wine with steamed ggg

9_Steamed Mix Rice in Lotus Leaf with Crabmeat and pieces of Abalone Menu_Chef Mai.JPG

Steamed mixed rice in lotus leaf with crabmeat and pieces of abalone

10_Special Supreme Thailand Famous White Cubilose with Hand-made Guangxi Top Brown Suger Menu_Chef Mai.JPG

The Special Supreme Thailand, made with white cubilose and Guangxi top brown sugar

Chef Mai's special eight-course dinner set at The China House is priced 9,888 baht net per person, while the Four Hands Dinner of Chinese and French cuisines is priced 8,888 baht net per person. Make reservations at 0-2659-9000 ext 7390 or by emailing mobkk-restaurants@mohg.com. Visit mandarinoriental.com/bangkok

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