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The quintessential Christmas meal surrounds hearty roasted meat and one of the places where you can get some right now is at your favourite New York franchise deli-cafe, Dean & Deluca.

This “winter” in Bangkok, Dean & Deluca is offering a selection of fine Christmas roasts, from your traditional oven-roasted turkey served in gravy and cranberry sauce to roasted ham or beef with an added twist. The Holiday Roast Beef, available as a single platter with two side dishes for 520 baht, features juicy rib eye seasoned with rosemary and thyme, bathed in beef gravy and a scallion and ginger ponzu sauce. The Holiday Asian BBQ Glazed Ham also adds an Eastern kick to a Western custom with sweet and salty hoisin sauce. The ham and turkey are also available as wholes for 4,950 and 6,950 baht, in addition to single servings with two sides for 320 and 595 baht, respectively.

Craving the festive flavour but don’t have time to sit down and “carve the roast beef”? No worries. Dean & Deluca has two special holiday sandwiches right now, the Holiday Turkey Sandwich (295 baht) and the Holiday Beef Sandwich (375 baht)—perfect for Christmas on-the-go. The turkey sandwich features the same oven-roasted turkey on plain hoagie bread with gravy, cranberry and orange sauce, while the equally tempting beef sandwich serves the roasted rib eye in gravy, cheese, red onion and spicy brown mustard in the hoagie.

Single Serving Roast Plates.jpg

Single serving roast plates

Holiday Turkey with 2 Side Dishes.jpg

Holiday Turkey with two side dishes

Holiday Roast Beef with 2 Side Dishes.jpg

Holiday Roast Beef with two side dishes

Holiday BBQ Glazed Ham with 2 Side Dishes.jpg

Holiday Asian BBQ Ham with two side dishes

Turkey Sandwich.jpg

Holiday Turkey Sandwich

Holiday Beef Sandwich.jpg

Holiday Beef Sandwich

Chestnut Soup and Pumpkin, Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup.jpg

Pumpkin, Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup and Chestnut Soup with Truffle Crouton

Assortment of Side Dishes.jpg

Assortment of seasonal sides (from top left to bottom right): Maple Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprout, Mixed Root Vegetable, Broccoli Cheddar Casserole, Jalapeno Cornbread, Jasberry Cranberry Chestnut Stuffing* and Cucumber Mint Salad

*not mentioned in story

Vegetarians, as usual, can also find something at Dean & Deluca this season. The Chestnut Soup with Truffle Crouton highlights chestnut, portobello mushroom, potato and many fragrant herbs with truffle oil. The Pumpkin, Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup is also quite a contender in creamy vegetable soup category.

If that’s not enough, sides of the Jalapeno Cornbread, the Broccoli Cheddar Casserole, the Mixed Root Vegetable, which featuring potato, pumpkin, beetroot and carrot, and the Cucumber Mint Salad, a fresh citrusy number, are highly recommended seasonal offers. Meat-eaters can add to these options the Maple Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprout.



Last but not least, enjoy Dean & Deluca’s array of Christmas desserts at this time of year. We’re personally eyeing the Pumpkin Pie and Chocolate Pecan Pie, two classic American fall desserts. But there’s also the Pumpkin and Pecan Cheesecake, Pumpkin Ice Box Cake and Babka, a cinnamony dessert bread, for all of you as well. Pies and cakes are available as wholes, ranging 750-1,700 baht, or slices for 95-155 baht. The Babka is also available as a loaf for 550 baht or by the slice at 75 baht.

For those who prefer to drink their sweets, Dean & Deluca’s festive drinks highlight the Toffee Cheesecake Latte, a coffee drink based off of  the iconic New York Cheesecake, and the Red Velvet Chocolate and Red Velvet Mocha.

Festive Beverages Group.jpg

Dean & Deluca's festive drinks (whip is always optional)

Seasonal offers are available at Dean & Deluca’s MahaNakhon CUBE, Central Embassy, Emquartier and The Crystal branches. For more information, visit deandeluca.com/thailand. 

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