230 new emojis, nine of which touch on food and drink, will be coming to your mobile phones from March 2019 onwards. It's never too early to start thinking of new emoji combos or sassy comebacks, so here's a sneak peek of what the Unicode Consortium has in store.



Photo: Unicode Consortium

Ice cube

ice cube.jpgPhoto: Unicode Consortium


waffle.jpgPhoto: Unicode Consortium

Boxed drink

juice box.jpg

Photo: Unicode Consortium


mate.jpgPhoto: Unicode Consortium


falafel.jpgPhoto: Unicode Consortium


garlic.jpgPhoto: Unicode Consortium


onion.jpgPhoto: Unicode Consortium

Oyster (with pearl)

oyster.jpgPhoto: Unicode Consortium

There's now butter for your bread, ice for your whisky, waffles in addition to pancakes, a juice box for the kids, and maté to cater to South Americans, who drink the caffeinated beverage in copious amounts. Fun fact: Maté is, in fact, the national drink of Argentina.

Our only gripe concerns the falafels, which are almost indistinguishable from the existing potato emoji. Small matter though — literally.

Speaking of small...

hand (new).jpg

Pinching hand emoji. Photo: Unicode Consortium.

A new hand gesture in the complete 2019 pack has already been the butt joke of many a meme or a tweet. Some suggest it's the ideal means to respond to unwarranted photos from male texters. But the first thing this food obsessed writer thought of was a 'pinch of salt.' Hand on heart!

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