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Chef-owners Dylan Jones of Bo.Lan, May Chow of Little Bao, Rangsima Bunyasaranand of Little Beast and Thitid Tassanakajohn of Le Du

We joined May Chow of Little Bao on Sunday night at her Bangkok branch for a family-style modern Chinese feast. In celebration of being named Asia’s Best Female Chef by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, she invited some of her local chef and bartender friends to put together a banquet of one-off Thai-Chinese platters paired with speciality cocktails. With Thitid Tassanakajohn of Le Du, Rangsima Bunyasaranand of Little Beast, Dylan Jones of Bo.Lan, Jamie Rhind of Bamboo, Saimai Natarat of Bunker, Somkanay Singha of Bootleggers (and of course Chow herself) under one roof, 8-Hands-Banquet was definitely a foodie party to remember. Here are some pictures highlighting our favourite moments from the night.

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DIY 36-hour slow-cooked wagyu short rib bao by May Chow

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Siam Sipper by Saimai Natarat: Grandma Jinn, cranberry and pandan

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A light salad of mushroom, moss and onsen egg by May Chow

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Salad of braised pork feet and sugar snap pea by May Chow

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Duck Shumai by Rangsima Bunyasaranand

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Cougar by Somkanay Singha: Grandma Jinn, ginger, chartreuse and honey

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Steamed crab meat, curry and onsen eggs over rice by Thitid Tassanakajohn

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Grilled red coconut curry with fish wrapped in banana leaf by Dylan Jones

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Chai-Yo by Jamie Rhind: Cha-Thai, cardamom, coconut, all-spice shrub and balsamic paint

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Ice-cream baos by May Chow

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Chayen LTE by Minway Chi: Cha-Thai, condensed milk, egg white and coffee wafer

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Bartenders Somkanay Sinha of Bootleggers, Jamie Rhind of Bamboo, Saimai Natarat of Bunker and Minway Chi of Bootleggers

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Jamie Rhind of Bamboo Bar taking some time off from the bar for a selfie with the Tatler team

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