This Saturday, The 88 Surawong cocktail bar and Bootleggers Trading are hosting an event called "1,000 Whiskey Sours", and it's pretty much what it sounds like. Sponsored by Rebel Yell Bourbons, The 88 will be making and serving 1,000 whiskey sours from the bar's opening (5pm) to closing (1am) on March 24.

To serve that many sours to what will surely be a full and thirsty house, 88 is employing the help of a few international and local stars in the bar scene. The lineup includes Agung Prabowo (The Old Man, Hong Kong), Callan Green (Wholly Spirits, Kuala Lumpur), Sebastian De La Cruz (Tropic City, Bangkok), Shavinraj Gopinath (Iron Fairies, BKK), Watcharapong (Bank) Suriyaphan (Backstage, Happy Endings BKK), Oil Wareewan (Bunker, BKK), Michele Montautin (Waldorf Astoria, BKK) and the entire 88 Surawong and Bootlegger’s Trading Co team.


The best part about all of this is that it's a fundraiser for Father Joe's Mercy Centre, an organisation based in Klong Toey that supports underpriveleged children, orphans and those with HIV/AIDS. The Mercy Centre has a sponsorship program in the local community that is aimed at keeping as many young children in school as possible to improve lives and help break the poverty cycle.

If you love whiskey sours and want to help out those in the community who really need it, swing by the event at The 88 Surawong this Saturday night. Tickets are 800 baht per person for a free flow of whiskey sours until the thousandth glass!

Reserve your tickets now by emailing april@88surawong.com and visit 88surawong.com or fb.com/88surawong to learn more. Cheers!


Photo: Courtesy of fb.com/88surawong

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